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Friday is Clay Day!

>> Jul 31, 2010

Peter, the instructor, loaded the electric kiln on Friday. My four garden plaques, pinch pot (I added some under glaze, a first for him and me!) and planter all went in. So next Friday we will unload the kiln and I will be ready to add some glazes to my pieces, that is if they all survive the bisque firing!

I created phase one of my wall mask Friday. I still have to create two bird of paradise "horns" to be fired separately and final assembled after all pieces are glazed. You can see the two straps in the last photo that will hold the horns (I hope). I will make these pieces next Friday. In addition there will be twisted copper wire coming out the side of the nose, near the eyes and there is a surprise feature! The mask is a little on the "odd" side, but it is art!

PS You can enlarge the picture with a single mouse click...


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