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Always an Engineer!

>> Sep 26, 2010

Hmmmmmmmmm...can we do it?
Scott's sister Martha wanted the palm tree down! Too high to trim and too messy! So the two of them developed a plan with some input from me and Diane. After sleeping on the plan for a night they both decided it was too dangerous!

A few days passed and Scott got the bug to try it anyway, but the plan was enhanced; the use of some chain link and pad locks instead of ropes.

Adding the chain link and pad locks
To be honest, I still felt a little uneasy. Of course, Scott had the dangerous job of notching the palm with the chain saw above his head. The biggest concern was that the notched top of the palm would crack and fall before Scott was safely off the ladder!

Final notch - chainsaw overhead!
Scott thought that he had notched conservatively and climbed down the ladder to test it with the rope. Well, it snapped off easily! And fell dangling from the linked chain.  A little earlier than planned! We had hoped to move the ladder out of the way to prevent damage when the tree top fell. Luckily the ladder suffered only cosmetic damage...and we were all safe!!!

Now what do we do!!!
Let's hope the chain does not snap!

The End!


At Least We Didn't Have to Call the Coast Guard!

>> Sep 22, 2010

Although it does not look like it from our departing photo, the seas and winds were up when we left the Florida Keys yesterday!  As a reuslt it was a wet and wild trip home!  We did spot an osprey when traeling through one of the cuts which was calme water.  I was glad when we touched land 3 1/2 hours later!


Florida Keys

>> Sep 20, 2010

About three hours after leaving Miami Beach we reached our destination Islamorada in the Florida keys.  We were concerned about choppy seas so we took the inside passage which resulted in a fairly smooth ride!  Only a couple of times did we have to refer to the map to find our cuts through the land. We saw a bald eagle and of course several other water birds!
Later that evening we took the boat out to watch the sunset, but there were clouds at the horizon so we missed seeing it hit the ocean.  Then on to a resurant by boat. 
Below are the tarpon found in the waters at the restaurant!  Earlier there were several sharks as the resturant feeds them about sunset!

The real adventure started when we left the restaurant in the "dark"!  Although the boat has running lights, we had no light beam to see the markers back to the house!  Oh boy what fun!  The boat had a GPS system with maps, but none of us were very skilled using it!  And we had several "chiefs" aboard all with different opinions on the path back!  With a little help from the moon, common sense and trusting the GPS system we SLOWLY made ti back to the house safe and sound avoiding the 1 foot sand bars!



>> Sep 13, 2010

We were sitting outside yesterday evening and Martha spots something in the water near her dock!  Low and behold it is the rare manatee!  We got a few pictures, but it was a challange!


Ummmmmm Good!

Went out on the boat yesterday!  It was a beautiful day!  Scott and Martha went snoreling for lobsters and Diane and I measured and holed the little buggers!  We saw dolphins and a turtle too!  A great storm in the distance and lots of activy on the water!  I got a little more sun then I care too, but oh well we are in Miami with one of the worlds best skyline!


Shopping then Gambling!

>> Sep 10, 2010

Arrived in Phoenix on the red-eye Friday 9/10.  Not much sleep, but at least I did not have to leave the next day for S. Carolina like Scott! The temp was HOT!  I forgot how HOT, HOT is in Phoenix!

Melinda and I did some intense shopping the first three days, then we were off to Laughlin, NV for 2 nights and three days.  Lost some $$, it was still hot and got stuck for about 50 minutes in traffic from a highway accident on the way out of town! But still had sisterly FUN! :)
Golden Nugget Hotel Room

$1.99 Breakfast
2 bacon, 2 sausage, 2 eggs, 2 pancakes!!!
Note: coffee and teas extra...
50 minute stand still - Yuck!


The Ford Escape Hybrid is Pau!

>> Sep 1, 2010

Yesterday, we said "goodbye" to a great vehicle!  Scott sold his Ford Escape Hybrid (34 mi/gal) to a local beekeeping couple who live on the Hamakua coast.  Now it is time for Scott to go on the hunt for a new vehicle!  He will probably search on the mainland as well as Big Island! Fun, fun, fun!!!




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