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Birthday Celebration!

>> May 31, 2010

Scott and I celebrated my 58th birthday with a day of activity and eating!

  • Off to breakfast at Ken's Pancakes - yummmm
  • Kayaking form Reeds Bay to Coconut Island in Hilo Bay.  they were setting up for canoe races!
  • Back to the house to pick up our bicycles and picnic lunch.
  • Picnic lunch at Pohiki watching the surfers and waves.  It was not too busy for a Saturday holiday!
  • Then bicycle on the Red Road to our neighbors new house under construction.  Coming along brilliantly.
  • Bicycle back to Pohiki, more hills then I remembered!  BUt not too bad.
  • A stop in Pahoa to pick out my BD present. A basket from Bolga Baskets International 
  • Home, burgers, beer and a movie!
  • Great BD!!


Recreational Paddling

>> May 26, 2010

I thought this picture from the Tribune Herald was an interesting contrast of the old and the new...

On June 8th I start a canoe paddling class taught by the University of Hawaii.  Eventually I hope to join a canoe club and compete.  Of course, I will be on one of the "Masters Teams"  55+!


Wow! That's a HIGH Price!

>> May 5, 2010

I paid $3.50 for two medium sized red peppers yesterday - at the Farmers Market!  They are even more at Safeway!!!  Is it that bad on the mainland?  Can't wait to get the pepper plants in the raised beds! 



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