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Gary & Ed's House

>> Jun 24, 2010

Our neighbors, Gary & Ed are building a beautiful house off of the Red Road! It is progressing quite well and inside painting will begin next week! Gary says he is shopping for lighting and using mostly online sources.


Concrete "Coloring"

>> Jun 3, 2010

After it dried
We are finally getting closer to "coloring" our outdoor concrete!  Instead of an acid stain we plan to use a safer and much less expensive method!  The use of iron sulfate and water. This product is sold at garden centers and is used as a soil amendment.  You mix it with water and apply.  Some friends have done a floor in their art studio and it looks great!!!  I am steeling Lisa'a idea and painting on the floor first, perhaps the a'ama crab (rock crab) that we see all the time on our cliffs!

I am off to town to locate some iron sulfate....



Yesterday we took that road trip to the west side to pick-up my potter's wheel.  On the way home we stopped off in Hawaiian Ocean View Estates to look at some slab wood for the computer desk.  What a supply of local hardwoods!  This is the place where we purchased our ohia poles 2 years ago.  Well, after about 45 minutes we had selected (2) monkey pod slabs for outdoor tables and (1) mango tree slab for the computer desk.  We need to go back and pick them up with the trailer.  In the mean time they will plane the mango slab.


Potter's Wheel

>> Jun 2, 2010

We are off to the west side to pick-up a potter's wheel that I am buying used from a friend's niece.  No, I have never used a potter's wheel before, but the price was too good to pass up!  I have a couple of local friends who throw on the wheel.  One very experienced and one somewhat new at it.  So I will have lots of help!

Along with several others we placed an order for clay and glazes that should be here in about three weeks.  Because of the clay weight, it must come across the ocean on a "slow" boat.  LOL  I have lots of clay projects to do, mostly hand building until I learn how to throw! Fun, fun fun...



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