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A Minor Milestone Completed Today

>> Mar 15, 2010

We finally got a bed frame and some furniture for the guest bedroom! Yeah!  Island style...

I hope to soon be working on two acrylic art pieces for this room.  The subject matter a Hawaiian man net fishing that I photographed in Kona. You will have to use your imagination for now!!! Aloha!


Whales Tails

>> Mar 7, 2010

On Feb 26, 2010 while watching a movie we heard some splashing in the ocean. Upon a closer look we saw two whales playing in the moonlight, a mother and calf. I ran inside to get the video camera and came back to shoot this video!

PS Next time I will have to remember to keep from talking!


Kayaking with the Whales

Scott is off to the ocean to kayak with the whales.  He has an opportunity to go with a group that will have microphones to submerge into the water to hear the beasts!

I on the other hand am off to the local Farmer's Market and will return to study for my first Master Gardener test!  Next time I will kayak with the whales!



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