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Blue Moon Event

>> Dec 31, 2009

We are hoping for a clear horizon to watch the Blue Moon rise over the ocean. Moon rise is at 6:12PM Hawaii time. We a few friends over to witness the event, drink some wine and eat some pupus. Oh yeah, and hopefully see some whales! Enjoy your 2009 tun over...



>> Dec 30, 2009

The activity continues at the 1-2 mile out and closer.  We watched a young whale in at about 1/4 mile from the cliffs.  It was around for several hours mostly diving, but I saw a least one breach and several after breach splashes.


Lots of Whale Activity

>> Dec 29, 2009

Although we had no time to watch whales in the morning, we saw two large breach after splashes about 2 miles out around lunch time.  Must have been a large adult.  Closer in at about 1 mile we saw a subadult breach and lots of blow activity in the late afternoon. A pod of two were around for some time, but no breaches.


Saw Our First 2009 Whale Breach

>> Dec 28, 2009

We saw a fair amount of whale activity late morning about 1-1 1/2 miles off the sea cliffs.  From the blows it looked like a pod of 3-4 whales and two singles a ways behind the pod. We saw more blows around 11:30AM.  The a full breach from a single subadult around 12:45PM.  This whale was much closer to the cliffs and no binoculars were required to see the whale body out of the water!


Breach Splash X2

>> Dec 26, 2009

While talking with Bobbie on the phone this AM I spotted a whale spout about 1 mile off shore.  Eventually saw two breach splashes, but never really saw the whale body.


Whales in the Early Morning Hours

Well, Scott and I both heard a whale at slightly diffent times early this AM.  The sound was typical of what we call "grunting" sounds.  They are here....

PS Our neighbor Gary confirmed that he heard whales and tail slapping a 5AM this morning.


Mele Kalikimaka!

>> Dec 25, 2009

Went for a bicycle ride to the tide pools just outside of HPP.  Tide was low, but coming in.  I think next time we will try for low tide and go into the some of the pools!!!



>> Dec 24, 2009

Saw our first whales since 12/4.  They were quite a ways out.  Needed binoculars to see more than the spouts.  But saw a mom and baby and two the single whales.  Mostly tail slaps and flukes.


Starry, Starry Night!

>> Dec 21, 2009

After all the rain, lightening, thunder and wind of the past two days, last night was nothing but bright and starry!  We saw the milky way and a shooting star!


Lost Power, Thunder & Ligthening and Cable Down

>> Dec 20, 2009

I guess we had a winter storm...
Around 4:30PM yesterday we lost power.  It was not retunred until 9:30PM!  Then through the night the lightening and thunder continued!  This morning the internet, cable TV and phone were down and we emptied 3 more inches of rain fromthe rain guage...

Currently everthing is back to normal and the sun is out! Yeah!!!!


The Rain Guage is Full Again!

>> Dec 19, 2009

It is about 2:25PM and the rain guage has hit 5 inches again!  And the rain continues to come down.  According to Scott's caculations of the thunder and lightening, the storm is about 1/4 mile away out in the ocean!  Yee Haw!


Thunder & Lightening Last Night

This morning it is still lightly raining. The rain gauge was spilling over the 5+ inches it holds. Since we hadn't had much rain in about 2 weeks, the rain is needed.


Outstanding Weather!!!

>> Dec 16, 2009

We have had great weather for almost 2 weeks now with sunny, breezy days and starry nights. Tonight is the new moon so hopefully we will have another clear night and see billions of stars...


Hilo Emergency Room

>> Dec 15, 2009

Scott spent a few hours in the emergency room today!  He broke his right thumb while playing softball.  Six weeks in a splint isn't so bad!?!?!


The Green Flash!

>> Dec 14, 2009

Scott saw the green flash during the sun rise on today!


Wet & Wild

>> Nov 13, 2009

It has been a raining windy day with plenty of surf! Last night the chairs blew over! Glad the winds typically blow from the ocean side! Otherwise, thery would have been at the bottom of the sea!!!


Arrived Home Yesterday

After a great trip to AZ to attend a wedding, golf, shop, see family and friends, we touched down at the Hilo airport on time, but in heavy rain! It was good to be back at the homestead!

Mahalo to all our Friends for watching the our house while we were away!


Arizona Trip

>> Nov 6, 2009

We are currently in AZ staying with my sister Melinda. Scott is playing a fair amount of golf! And I am shopping! We are off to the Morely (Laurel) wedding tomorrow.


Dave & Eileen to Visit in 2010

>> Oct 18, 2009

Yeah! Dave and Eileen are seriously looking at visiting Uli Kai Hale in February 2010. This is always a great time to visit! It tends to be the busiest month for humpback whale activity. Bring it on!


Concrete Planter Boxes

>> Oct 16, 2009

Still some more work to do. Additional planters and walls to create. Plus the plants and I will probably acid stain these and seal the concrete once the concrete has cured.


We are Going Green!

>> Oct 14, 2009

Today Scott signed our contract for a 2.25 kilowatt PV (photovoltaic) system. The price tag is pretty high, but with 35% state and 30%  federal tax credit, it drops the actual cost significantly. Still not cheap, but we were interested in making our house more green, especially since the cost electricity in Hawaii is about 4 time higher than Arizona.


New BLOG Started

Since my paid website contract for Uli Kai Hale is soon to end, I have set-up this "free" blog to keep friends and family up to date.


Moved from website to this Blog

Since my paid internet hosting is coming to an end, thought I would start this blog to keep family and friends up to date on what is happening around Uli Kai Hale. Stay tuned for more updates and photos!



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