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Dave & Eileen to Visit in 2010

>> Oct 18, 2009

Yeah! Dave and Eileen are seriously looking at visiting Uli Kai Hale in February 2010. This is always a great time to visit! It tends to be the busiest month for humpback whale activity. Bring it on!


Concrete Planter Boxes

>> Oct 16, 2009

Still some more work to do. Additional planters and walls to create. Plus the plants and I will probably acid stain these and seal the concrete once the concrete has cured.


We are Going Green!

>> Oct 14, 2009

Today Scott signed our contract for a 2.25 kilowatt PV (photovoltaic) system. The price tag is pretty high, but with 35% state and 30%  federal tax credit, it drops the actual cost significantly. Still not cheap, but we were interested in making our house more green, especially since the cost electricity in Hawaii is about 4 time higher than Arizona.


New BLOG Started

Since my paid website contract for Uli Kai Hale is soon to end, I have set-up this "free" blog to keep friends and family up to date.


Moved from website to this Blog

Since my paid internet hosting is coming to an end, thought I would start this blog to keep family and friends up to date on what is happening around Uli Kai Hale. Stay tuned for more updates and photos!



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