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Vog is in the Air!

>> Feb 11, 2011

It is a little "voggy" this AM, but it makes for great sun color!!!

Note:  Picture color not quite as intense as the real thing!  The sun was the color of the orange-pink sky!


How many People Does it Take to Count One Whale???

>> Jan 27, 2011

On Saturday, January 26, 2011, I was one of several people to participate in the official Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale Count .

For the first year they have a count site in our development!  I recognized several neighbors, but was apaired up with David who was visiting from Alaska!  Unfortunately, during the official count hours (8am-12noon), the weather was poor and we only saw one whale!  And not all of the members saw that one whale!  The next counts are in February and March hopefully the weather and the count will be better!


New Years Eve Party 2010

>> Jan 2, 2011

We celebrated the new year (2011) with the west coast sounding off nose makers so loud that we did not hear the phone ring even though we were in the house!!!

Local neighbors joined us for pupus and dessert, egg nogg , fire works and more!  The weather was great clearing after a rainy day!

Mahalo to Terri for the great photos!



>> Dec 29, 2010

We saw these funny looking seed things on the kitchen floor and in one of our cabinet draws. I searched the internet and saw a picture that looked like what we saw. Oh no, dry wood termite droppings!!!!

We had the house inspected today by Terminex. The inspector verified that, yes, we have dry wood termites! Based on the color of the droppings, he suspects that they are in the KrafMaid cabinets and came directly from the factory. Apparently they do not push out the droppings until about 3 years after infesting the wood! He additionally stated that good contractors typically fumigate the cabinets before installation! Who knew!!!!

We are scheduling tent fumigation for January 2011!!!


Whales and Stars!

>> Dec 27, 2010

We were sitting outside last night admiring the clear skies and stars and we heard them!  We are beginning to see more activity.  Last Thursday we saw a pair of juveniles whales fin slapping, tail slapping and breaching.  You could see them with your eyes, but it was better using the binoculars!


The Stockings are hung...

>> Dec 17, 2010

on the ohia pole!


Mother Nature - "At the Marti Gras"

I finished my ceramic mask today.  I was not happy with the green matt glaze I put on the top part of the mask. There was not enough contrast with the lime leaves.  So, I added some brown acrylic paint; better.  Then I embellished the piece with beads and wire.  So, I decided to call it Mother nature - "At the Mardi Gras".  See this post of the mask in its early stages.

This mask may not be to everyone's taste.  Hopefully Scott will like it enough to agree that we can hang it in the house!


First Night Time Whale Sounds

>> Dec 13, 2010

Scott heard the whales last night and was sure they were near our cliffs.  Unfortunately, I slept through the event!


Green Flash!

>> Dec 8, 2010

I finally saw the "green flash" on the rising sun yesterday!  Scott tried to video tape it without success.  I think the binoculars are still the best way to see this phenomena.  You just need to have a good sun rise time so that you are not holding the binoculars for 5 minutes!


First Whale Sightings of 2010 - 2011 Season

>> Oct 26, 2010

On October 20th 2010 the first humpback whale was spotted off of Maui.



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